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Administrative Staff


Fr.  Babychan Arackathara MSFS


Sam Heinz


Bookkeeper                              Annabel Deibler

Secretary/Office Manager                 Patti Graff


Tony Ortiz

Part-time Custodian

Eufrasio Castillo


Phone  -  830-741-2284

DRE, Sylvia Fernandez

Office Clerk, Kristopher Cardenas


Coordinator of Initiation - RCIA         

Mary Jo Peters



Parish Ministries


Altar Society:  Ellen Schueling

Guadalupana Society:  Rosa Garcia

St. John's Hist. Assn: Renae McNiel

St. Vincent de Paul: Linda Fillinger

Church Environment: Linda Fohn, Michele Mechler

Outdoor Environment:  Garland Bader,

     Linda Ulbrich, Linda Fohn, Randy Graff

ACTS Core: Lorraine Lopez

Bereavement: Rose Scholtz

Youth Director: Christine Ortega

Knights of Columbus:  Tony Ortiz

Ministry for Homebound and Nursing Home: Diane Mann, Karen Moos

    (Spanish) Lydia Villarreal ,

            Norma  Gutierrez, and  Diane Ybarra

Parish Pastoral Council

Katie Haby 

Keith Howard 

Brett Hutto 

Rose Mary Mares 

Genevieve Flores 

Michele Mechler 

Ryan Lessing 

Quarterly Meetings in 2024:

Jan.18, Apr.18, July 18, Oct.17

 6:00 pm at the Religious Education Building Room 105/106.

Finance Council

Connie Shullanberger 

Diane Cheney  

Robert Knight 

Stephen Long  

Rey Bernal


Meetings quarterly in 2024

March21, June 20, Sept. 19, Dec. 19

5:00pm at the Religious Education Building

Room 105/106


Parish Information


Parish Office Hours 

Mon. - Fri. 9am - 4pm



2102 Avenue J

Hondo, TX 78861

Phone  -  830-741-2236


Fax  -  830-426-3339



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