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Synod 2021-2023

Living as A Synodal Church



St. John’s Welcomes the Synod!

What is a Synod?  First of all it’s a spiritual process led by the Holy Spirit.  It’s a council of a church, assembly or meeting, usually convened to decide an issue of doctrine, administration or application.


Why a Synodal process and What is it’s purpose?

Pope Francis has invited everyone in the Church to embark on this journey together.  Through listening and discernment rooted in the Holy Spirit, the entire People of God are being called to take part in this process-the synodal process-by which the Church deepens in understanding of her mission and looks towards the future.


As we proceed along the journey of the Synod, know that the goal is to discern how God calls us to walk forward together in a co-responsible way that is open to welcoming God’s inspiration over time.


More to come on the Synod.  In the meantime reflect on how you see, feel, and dream about “Journeying together” in the Church.

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